The following are common services and repairs offered at EMPIRE AUTOMOTIVE Repair in the WNC Asheville area.


While we do not work on all BMW's such as some older cars or offer all services, we are regularly expanding. Please call to inquire about your particular needs.


Common maintenance is available for all BMW's.


We have many years experience repairing most brands of cars including major repairs such as engine and transmission replacement, internal transmission servicing, timing belts, head gaskets, electrical diagnostics, etc.


After many years of working on both BMW's and a lot of other makes, I have decided to focus our service and repair business on the ever growing BMW market.


This will provide BMW owners with a satisfying option for reliable, professional and more cost effective solutions to BMW repair and maintenance. Many repair shops do NOT know how to or care about proper care of the BMW Performance Machine.


  • Drive and visual inspection.

  • Brake fluid change (BMW recommends every 2-3 years).

  • Caliper and brake hose replacement.

  • Pad and sensor replacement.

  • Rotors replacement.

  • Computer service indicator reset.



  • Alternator inspection and replacement.

  • Battery replacement with proper battery.

  • Battery replacement required scanner registration in DME (ECU).

  • IBS battery cable microprocessor inspection and updated replacement for proper charging.



  • Electric cooling fan operation inspection and replacement.

  • Hose, radiator, expansion tank, thermostat, water pump inspection and replacement.

  • Leak inspection and system pressure testing.

  • N62 (545i, 550i, 650i, X5) dreaded leaking hidden coolant pipe replacement.



  • Diagnostic scanning of all vehicle systems (with advanced dealer level scanner).

  • DME (ECU) replacement and programming.

  • Electrical systems and wiring diagnosis, inspection and repair.

  • Engine codes, misfires, poor idle, etc.

  • Fuel system codes and poor performance.

  • Headlight, taillight and other lighting replacement and upgrades.

  • Switch, sensor and motor actuator replacement.

  • Transmission codes.

  • Turbo system codes.



  • CV axle replacement.

  • Driveshaft center support bearing replacement.

  • Driveshaft flex joint replacement.

  • Driveshaft and u-joint replacement.

  • Vibration troubleshooting.



  • All sides visual inspection.

  • Belts and pulleys replacement.

  • Engine degreasing.

  • Engine replacement with low mile options.

  • Oil leaks gaskets and seals replacement.

  • Oil smell and smoking issues under hood repaired.

  • PCV system hoses and valves replacement.

  • Scanning of engine codes.

  • Smoking out tail pipe and oil consumption on N62 engines (545i, 550i, 650i, X5) Valve seals replace.

  • Tune-ups including correct spark plugs and updated ignition coil packs.

  • Turbo inspection and oil cooler leaks repair (typical on N63 engines - X5 50i, etc).

  • Walnut shell intake valve de-carbon cleaning (future).



  • Air filters change.

  • Cabin air filters change.

  • Diagnostic scanning.

  • General inspection of vehicle (we do NOT do NC inspection at his time).

  • FLUID Changes:

  1. Brake fluid (BMW recommends replacement every 2-3 years).

  2. Cooling system BMW blue antifreeze.

  3. Differentials synthetic gear oil.

  4. Engine synthetic oil and filter.

  5. Steering and active suspension fluids.

  6. Transmission fluid and filter.

  7. Transfer case 4WD / AWD fluids.



  • Dreaded steering lock error reset or repair.

  • Fluid change.

  • Hose replacement.

  • Steering angle sensor calibration and replacement.

  • Steering gear / rack replacement.

  • Tie rod ends replacement.



  • Active Dynamic (hydraulic) suspension sway bar and control valve replacement and calibration.

  • Ball joints and bushings replacement.

  • Control arms replacement.

  • Sway bar links replacement.

  • Springs, shocks, struts and strut mounts replacement and upgrades.



  • Clutch and flywheel replacement.

  • Fluid and filter changes (BMW "Lifetime fluids" are not really lifetime- change every 50-60K).

  • Valve body Mechatronics replacement.

  • Valve body seals replacement (6 regularly needed on several models).

  • Solenoid sets replacement.

  • Torque converter replacement (Could shift like new again).

  • Transmission replacement with low mile options.

  • Transfer case oil change.