MAINTENANCE ... Rarely asked for by car owners! Most of the time people wait until their cars are misfiring with check engine lights, grinding brakes, coolant and oil leaks, rattling worn out suspension and big driveline vibrations... Brakes get ruined, engines overheat and cause head gasket failures, oil leaks then burn up alternators, etc... But it would be much better to bring your cherished BMW performance machine to Empire Automotive for an overall inspection and get a truthful, knowledgable and professional explanation of what your car or SUV needs. I, the owner, John Thome, will personally discuss with you everything our inspection found and give you recommendations with price estimates for all service and repairs needed to restore your BMW. You choose what you want, no surprises.



     Radiator and cooling system hoses have a life expectancy. For V8's it might be 9 years. Its recommended to replace certain hoses BEFORE they start leaking or the plastic connectors deteriate. 

     BMW's have electric water pumps and thermostats that fail. Radiators can leak. Cooling fans may not be running to full potential thereby causing poor engine cooling or air conditioning operation.



     ALL BMW's leak oil approaching 100k miles or sooner. Valve cover gaskets, sensor seals, vanos solenoid orings, timing cover gaskets, turbo inlet seals, oil cooler gaskets, oil filter housing seals, PCV system hoses, vacuum pumps, etc all need replacing as regular maintenance at 100,000 miles plus or minus. 

     These leaks, unchecked, can destroy alternators, hoses and belts, etc.



     What brand parts should be used on a BMW? Early on we discovered that general auto parts store Chinese aftermarket parts simply will not last on a BMW barely 1 year or will downgrade BMW's performance significantly. 

     Brakes parts, cooling system parts, gaskets, suspension parts, etc may only last 8 to 18 months!

     We ONLY use genuine BMW, OEM supplier or equivalent parts to ensure that your "performance machine" is truly ready to give you pleasurable, reliable and safe driving for many miles and years to come.